Arai Animal Hospital

General Information

Address6-25-5 Kinuta Setagaya-ku Tokyo, zip 157-0073
5 minutes walk from Odakyu Soshigayaokura Station
Telephone NumberPhone 03-3416-7711
Fax 03-3416-7711
Hours9:00-12:00 16:00-19:00
ClosedSunday, national holiday
Our Services Vaccinations
Surgery, including soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery
General Dentistry
Ultrasound for examining the abdomen and pregnancies
Laboratory - we have an in-house lab which can diagnose many problems within minutes
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あらい動物病院 東京都世田谷区砧6-25-5 カルムウィスタリア103 (当院までの交通手段についてはアクセスをご覧ください)